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Dr. Kyle Capel

Dr. Kyle Capel is the newest addition to the team of eye care professionals at our optometry practice in Northeast Philadelphia. He has been described as intelligent, professional, and friendly and always happy to take the time necessary to help with your vision care needs.
Remarkably, Dr. Capel graduate from his undergraduate studies in three short years with a Bachelor’s’ degree in Biology from SUNY Geneseo in 2011. He also went on to earn an additional BSc. and a Doctor of Optometry degree from Salus University in May of 2015.
Dr. Capel is able to effectively manage a variety of eye disease and disorders such as amblyopia, strabismus (lazy eye), glaucoma, dry eye, macular degeneration and cataracts. He is also trained to fit specialty contact lenses and prescribe specialized glasses for patients with low vision and also recommend low vision aids.
Outside of eye care, Dr. Capel owns and operates a small web-based business which he started in 2013. Hand Held Legend, LLC was born out of the appreciation for vintage handheld gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Gameboy and SEGA Game Gear. His shop offers modification parts to revitalize old consoles and bring back memories from childhood. He is also an active member of his church, Calvary Wyncote, hosting a bible study for young professionals at his house every Sunday. As a recently married man, Dr. Capel spends his free time with his beautiful wife Lauren, an emergency room Physician Assistant who works at Abington Hospital. He also has a twin brother who lives in Boston and works in software.