Philadelphia and North Wales Contact LensesThinking of wearing contact lenses? You are not alone. Many people consider contact lenses as opposed to wearing eyeglasses. For a lot of contact lens wearers and those considering this option, they are drawn to the flexibility and comfort of not having to wear eyeglasses on their face the entire day and the nuisances that may come with it.

When scheduling an appointment for your eye exam with Brewer Eye Associates, make sure to notify the office that you would like contact lenses. Informing the office will allow the team to block off the appropriate amount of time for this type of visit.

For patient’s new to contact lenses, a contact lens exam differs from that of a regular eye exam. During a contact lens exam the eye doctor will measure the surface of your eyes and evaluate your tear production. The contact lens exam is tailored to prove if the patient’s eyes are capable of wearing contacts and if so, which brand will work best.

Your visit will include a comprehensive eye exam, contact lens fitting and teaching you proper insertion, removal and care techniques for the contact lenses.

Contact lenses are available in many brands with different usage times and specialties. As mentioned, only an eye exam can determine which brand is right for you and the prescription that you need.

In addition to the correct prescription, contact lenses require cleanliness and discipline. So your eye doctor will discuss with you, your routine and the frequency in which you intend to use the contacts.

There are various types of contact lenses. The list includes colored lenses, daily/single use contacts that get disposed of at the end of the day and long term usage with varying disposal times. The type of lenses you get will be dependent on the results of your contact lens exam and your preference.

There is no need to worry about which to choose at this moment as this is a discussion to have with your eye doctor during your visit.

Whether you are new to contact lenses or an experienced contact lens wearer it is imperative that you keep up with your yearly eye exam. At your routine eye exams your eye doctor will evaluate your eye health in regards to the contact lenses you are currently wearing and make recommendations if needed.

When you schedule your appointment, let the office know if you plan to use your vision insurance to help cover expenses. Some plans may cover either a portion or all of your contact lens exam along with a supply of contact lenses.