Comprehensive Eye Exams philadelphia north walesWe are here to provide you with the most comprehensive eye exam possible. As professionals, we take our work very seriously and want the very best outcome for all of our clients. We have clients that are very small children who were born with vision problems. We make them comfortable in our office and exam rooms. And we have clients in their 90s and every age in between. All desire the best vision, and the most professional services in the industry. That’s why they come to Brewer Eye Associates.

A comprehensive eye exam is a very important part of preventive health care. Too often this falls under our radar screen unless we experience some pain, redness, or dryness that’s unusual. Think of it as changing the oil in your car. A necessary task. Worst case scenario, you forget, things go really bad, and your car dies. You can buy a new car. You can’t buy new eyes.

Numerous problems can be detected early and corrected so there’s no danger of damaging your vision permanently. But, you have to make the appointment. Add it to your calendar even if it’s a year out so you can keep your vision top-notch.

The doctor will review your health history, evaluate your eyes’ overall health, and visual acuity. Visual acuity is when they have you read the chart on the wall. The letters start big and get smaller. After adjustments, the doctor will ask you to read them again. That helps determine how well you see and if you need glasses or contacts. Or if you need a new prescription.

Depending on what the doctor initially finds there may be some other preliminary tests. Generally speaking, all of the in-office tests are pain-free. So no need to panic.

The doctor will also ask you some family history questions to determine if you have a higher risk for certain problems. For example, “Does anyone in your family have Glaucoma?”

If you don’t have any eye problems you should visit your optometrist every year or two. As we age our eyes do too.

If you already have some eye issues you should visit your optometrist, every year, twice a year, or more if that’s what your optometrist recommends. Put these in your calendar, because time flies, and you want to maintain the best vision possible.

Be sure and tell your optometrist about any medications you take, medical conditions, or any environments you work in or spend a great deal of time in. If you’re on a computer all day, mention that as well. Maybe you feel dry eyes after half a day staring at your computer screen at work. You may not be aware that one of your activities could be potentially damaging to your eyes.

A regular comprehensive eye exam is key to maintaining great eyesight. It can be easy to have an issue sneak up on you. Often you won’t even know there is a problem. Early detection of an eye problem is much easier to correct, helping you keep your eyesight as clear as can be. Been a while since your last exam? Schedule an appointment with us by calling right now and check that off your list!