See Your Child Off To School with Good Vision

Most school-based learning is achieved visually. But even with this overt link between sight and learning, a lot of parents don’t realize how profoundly vision problems affect education, and don’t get theirchild’s eyes checked regularly. It’s important to know that because vision in children changes, regular eye exams are necessary for success at school.

As children go through school, it becomes extra important to keep an eye on their vision.

Not having the ability to meet the visual demands in the classroom may noticeably affect their academic performance. Recently developed classroom technology, such as interactive whiteboards, can also potentially heighten less obvious vision problems. Without adequate vision, students may suffer not only in the classroom, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you’re the parent of a child who wears glasses already, now is a perfect time to see if their prescription is still adequate. The more a student likes and feels comfortable in his or her glasses, the more they’ll be worn!

So be sure to come see us when you’re getting your children ready for their year. We’ll do our very best to help all the children we treat start the year afresh with vision that’s in excellent condition.

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