Help! How to Handle Common Eye Injuries

There are a number of kinds of eye accidents that can occur, with varying degrees of severity. Some might necessitate emergency action and immediate care by an eye care practitioner, while others can be treated at home. Read these guidelines for routine eye injuries, to determine your next step following an accident. Remember that general preventive measures including using safety glasses may be the best way to keep your eyes safe.

An example of an injury that should not be taken lightly is a corneal abrasion (scratched eye). It can lead to serious harm in a short amount of time and potentially end in blindness. Abrasions are generally the result of a poke in the eye, or rubbing the eye when there is dust in it. Since a scratch can make your eye susceptible to fungal infection it's very important to call your eye care practitioner or an urgent care office. The best advice for a corneal abrasion is to keep it loosely closed and to see your optician as soon as possible to inspect it. Touching the eye will only make it worse and patching the eye can give bacteria a place to grow.

It's important to have a plan for what steps to take if you've been sprayed in the eye by a chemical. The first thing to do is put your head under a steady stream of lukewarm water for about a quarter of an hour. Next call your optometrist or an urgent care office to see what they recommend for such injuries. Make sure to tell the doctor precisely which substance entered your eye and what you've done. If you're experiencing intense blurriness, go immediately to your eye care practitioner or an urgent care office after washing it with water. Chemical encounters with the eye can result in a range of injuries, from minor pain to severe damage and potentially blindness.

While no one ever wants to think about an injury to the eye, it's advisable to have a plan for how to react in potentially hazardous circumstances. By following these guidelines you can feel confident that you'll be ready to handle most typical eye injuries. Of course, extra safety precautions can help you avoid this type of injuries from the get go so speak to your eye doctor about preventative eye care!

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