Dr. Gretchen J. Brewer, OD and Associates Offer Incredible Contact Lens Options

Dr. Gretchen J. Brewer, OD and Associates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is your premiere eye doctor when it comes to expertise in contact lenses. Dr. Brewer and her team of expert eyecare professionals are ready to help you kiss your glasses good bye for good by offering an incredibly wide selection of contact lenses for all needs and preferences. From nearsightedness to farsightedness, astigmatism to chronic dry eye, Dr. Brewer will help you explore all of your contact lens options.

Dailies daily disposable contact lenses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the most popular contact lenses that Dr. Brewer and Associates are proud to sell are Dailies daily disposable contact lenses .

Dailies are the latest cutting edge daily disposable contact lenses on the market today. Dailies daily disposable contact lenses allow you the convenience of being able to simply throw away your contacts when you go to bed each night and have a crisp new pair waiting for you to put in the morning. You don't need top worry about storage or cleaning or dangerous calcium or hairspray deposits sitting on your eyes. And wearing forgetting when your current pair of lenses needs to be replaced, and wearing them too long is a thing of the past. Your contact lens experience will be stress free with crisp, clean, comfortable vision at the start of every day.

Dr. Brewer comments, “Dailies daily disposables are among the most popular 24-hour lens options we offer at our practices in North Wales and Philadelphia, PA because they are the only daily disposable contact lenses that incorporate a state-of-the-art technology that lubricates and moistens your eye every time you blink. Since a person blinks, on average, around 20,00 times daily, this technology goes a long way toward preventing the red, itchy, dry eyes that are sometimes associated with less breathable, less hydrating contact lens options. This is especially important for those who suffer from dry eyes on a regular basis with or without contacts.”

Dr. Brewer also offers specialty contact lens fittings for those with presbyopia or abnormally shaped corneas that may result from eye conditions such as keratoconus. “Many people who have complicated visual needs aren't aware that contact lenses may also be an option for them as well. Those who have relied on bi- and tri-focals for many years may not know that new contact lens options allow for multiple points of focus, so that contact lenses can be made to correct their presbyopia just as well as any pair of multi-focals. And those with keratoconus often give up hope of being able to wear contact lenses ever again, since the abnormal shape of their cornea makes normal contact lens wear very difficult or impossible. Various types of Rigid Gas Permeable lenses, as well as scleral lenses may be a great option for these patients.”

From daily contact lenses that allow you to start each day crisp and new, to monthly wear contact lenses, including extended wear contacts that allow you up to 30 days of continuous day and nighttime wear without the necessity of taking them out, from clear, untinted contact lenses to colored contacts of blue, green, hazel, and everything in between, Dr. Gretchen J. Brewer and Associates have you covered.

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