Children’s Safety Eyewear – A Necessity!

Studies show that eye injuries account for 40,000 trips to the emergency room each year. That's equal to one eye trauma every 780 seconds! Eye Care professionals report that most of the injuries would have been simply prevented by wearing proper eye protection. Most eye damaging accidents take place when adults and children are playing sports or during household chores. Kids are especially at risk for injuries involving eye damage, which frequently happen during active play.

If you have children who frequently engage in active sport, you should be sure they use protective glasses during active play. Protective eyewear is made in a large variety of styles and shapes so encourage your child to purchase their favorite look to enhance the chances they will wear them.

To ensure you choose a pair with a great fit and the proper measure of protection, ask an experienced eye care professional for recommendations. Our professionals can assist you in purchasing the right pair of glasses for your child, based on your child's particular needs. If your child has glasses, protective eyewear can be purchased with prescription lenses from your eye care provider. Trivex or polylcarbonate lenses are optimal for a child that plays contact sports such as football. Not only are they more durable, but also more light-weight than standard lenses, which tends to be more comfortable.

Be informed when it comes to purchasing safety eyewear. It's an easy way to protect your child's eyes!

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