Caring for Your Vision in the Workplace

To teach businesses and their workers about the necessity of eye wellness, and to spread advice on how to avoid vision-threatening eye accidents, Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has designated March as Workplace Vision Wellness Month.

Every day, workers are inflicted by workplace related eye injuries that require the attention of an eye care professional or doctor. Safety experts and doctors believe the two most common reasons that people sustain eye injuries is either because they fail to protect their eyes or they are taking the wrong sorts of safety measures.

Common Eye Injuries

The most common dangers found in the workplace include flying particles or falling objects such as wood, metal, dust or concrete that can penetrate or cut the eye. Chemical sprays, fumes and lasers can also scorch and seriously damage the delicate eyes.

Safe Sight on Site

There are 4 crucial ways to prevent eye injuries:

  • Be aware of the eye hazards found at your work.
  • Reduce your exposure to risks before even beginning work by requesting machine shields, screens or other safety devices.
  • Wear protective glasses that are fitted well and provide enough protection for what you are doing. Your eye doctor will be able to help in selecting the most suitable safety eyewear for your profession.
  • Keep your safety eyewear in great condition, and replace when damaged.

Computer Monitors and Healthy Vision

Those who spend a large portion of their day working on computers or using hand held devices are also at increased risk of vision problems.

Below are some helpful suggestions to avoid eye strain and visual discomfort when working on a computer or using a hand held device:

Try to maintain the 20-20-20 rule which will help your eyes rest. At every 20 minute interval look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If you're using a mobile device, make the font bigger so you can use it at a distance better for your eyes.

In addition try to adjust the brightness of your monitor to a comfortable resolution and place your screen right under eye level to reduce any pressure on your eyes. You should also consider purchasing computer glasses.

For more information concerning eye safety at work, please talk to us today!

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