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Back to School

Pediatric Eye Care in Philadelphia and North Wales, PA

pediatric eye exam in Philadelphia PAAs the end of summer approaches, parents everywhere are making sure their kids are set to start the new school year right. August is a time to soak up the last of the summer fun and get school supplies for the coming academic year. Take this opportunity to get your little student’s vision up to par too.

Eye experts estimate that 80% of learning is visual. If your child needs corrective lenses, make sure his or her eyeglasses fit properly and are the right prescription. Up to 25% of school age children have unknown vision problems that affect learning. Children who get a comprehensive eye exam every year are not likely to fall through those cracks.

At our eye clinic, our optometrists specialize in pediatric eye care and eye exams for children. Dr. Brewer evaluates nearsightedness and farsightedness, and checks for common visual problems. Our pediatric eye exams have the child in mind, so even if your little one is just starting preschool and doesn’t know letters yet, we can still check his or her eyes – in fact, the AOA recommends an eye exam at that age to rule out eye conditions or get a head start treating them, before eyesight impacts learning.

To book a back-to-school eye exam in Philadelphia, PA call (215) 332-7228 or an eye exam in North Wales, PA call 215-361-2400. Dr. Gretchen J. Brewer O.D. & Associates